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Focused shockwave therapy


The extracorporeal shockwave therapy is used primarily in orthopedic diseases today.

From a physical point of view, shock waves are a form of mechanical energy that is introduced into the body through the skin without damaging the body's surface and is brought to bear at predetermined depths.

Shockwave therapy was first used to break up kidney stones in the 1980s. The revolutionary thing about this was that for the first time this was possible without physical contact, since the shock waves are generated outside the body, but only have an effect in the body itself.

In the course of the following years it was found out that shock waves also have other positive effects on the human organism. Thanks to the stimulating effect on blood circulation and metabolism, healing processes in the body are started or accelerated.

What is the difference between radial and focused shockwave therapy?

While the radial variant is also often found, it only works superficially and therefore cannot achieve the same effect as the focused one.

In order to achieve the best possible result, we have therefore expressly decided to only use focused shockwave therapy in our clinic.

We treat the following clinical pictures with focused shockwave therapy

tennis elbow

calcified shoulder

patellar tendinitis
("jumper's knee")

myofascial pain syndromes

golfer's arm

shoulder tendon disease

of the hip bone


heel spurs

achilles tendinitis

splint syndrome

femoral head necrosis

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