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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manuelle Lymphdrainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a mechanotherapy that is performed gently, slowly, rhythmically and circularly with the hands.

Depending on the complaints, arms, legs, the head, the abdomen and/or spinal sections are treated.

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to improve the drainage of fluid via the lymphatic and venous vascular system as well as the tissue crevices. This reduces oedema and swelling and relieves pain.

Nowadays, the treatment of lymphedema patients consists of more than just lymphatic drainage. Bandaging, skin care and decongestive exercises may be added.

Manual lymphatic drainage can help with

Cancer (e.g. removal of the lymph nodes)

Aftercare of surgical interventions

Rheumatic diseases

Goals of manual lymphatic drainage

Promotion of lymph drainage

Decongestion of the lymphatic system

Pain relief

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