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Manual therapy

Manuelle Therapie

T he Greek physician Hippocrates of Kos, who is regarded as the founder of medicine as a science, described various grasping and handling techniques to treat back problems, dislocations and vertebral displacements around 400 BC.

2400 years later, when back pain has become a widespread disease, we benefit from the writings of Hippocrates, who laid the foundation for manual therapy.

In modern manual therapy, therapists assess all joints, muscles and nerves involved in a disease. It initially includes a visual assessment of statics and posture.

The goals of treatment are:

  • to relieve pain

  • to restore the physiological interplay between joints, muscles and neural structures


To this end, joints with restricted movement are mobilized and unstable joints are stabilized through targeted strengthening.

Manual therapy helps with the following complaints, among others:

Herniated disc

Tennis elbow


General back pain


TMJ disorders

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